Star Trek logo promoting the U.S.S. Zheng He
Star Trek star ship Zheng He

Star Trek star ship Zheng He

Star Trek The Next Generation logo
Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Front view of the Eleanor Mustang build-up model
Eleanor Mustang

Eleanor Mustang logo

Ghostbusters logo and Ectomobile build up model car with open bonnet
Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Officially Licensed, 1:8 Scale Model of the ECTO-1

It’s the Ghostbusters car fans have been waiting for. Who Ya Gonna Call?

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From Gotham City to the furthest reaches of Federation space, HeroCollector celebrates the best of favourite superhero, fantasy and science fiction universes with collectible models, statues, vehicles, ships and memorabilia. C’mon, get your geek on!

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Car buffs, collectors and model enthusiasts around the world have enjoyed the amazing scale model build-up and die-cast model collections from Eaglemoss. Come on in to find out more!

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We bring people closer to the things they love.  These are superfans, model builders, crafters, kids, history buffs – communities of collectors and enthusiasts the world over. Everything we design, manufacture, publish and produce is painstakingly developed and executed at the highest level of quality with your complete satisfaction foremost in mind. Because, hey, we love this stuff, too.


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