Build the RMS Titanic model kit

Full side view of the Titanic replica scaled model
Full side view of the Titanic replica scaled model
Man working on a replica model of Titanic ship

Build this magnificent 1:250 scale model of the legendary RMS Titanic

The world's most famous ocean liner sank on 15th April 1912 on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City. The disaster, in which more than 1,500 of the approximately 2,200 passengers and crew on board lost their lives, is the most fabled seaborne tragedy in modern history. This stunningly accurate 1:250 scale replica of the RMS Titanic is made from wood, brass and metal and comes complete with working interior and exterior lights!

It is a truly spectacular model that you will love building and be proud to display!

Full height front view of the RMS Titanic model ship showing 4 propellers


LENGTH: 107.6 cm
HEIGHT (to top of funnels)
: 29 cm
WIDTH: 13.8 cm
MATERIALS: Wood, MDF, die-cast metal, brass and plastic

Inside Your Magazines

Your 32-page magazine includes clear instructions on how to assemble your show-stopping model, as well as a comprehensive range of insightful feature pages that shine a light on every aspect of a ship whose story continues to compel more than a century after the disaster.

Cover of issue of Build the RMS Titanic magazine

Along with your precision-made model parts, you will receive a fully illustrated colour magazine with each shipment. This contains your easy-to-follow assembly instructions, plus illuminating articles on the development and building of the ship, life on board, and real-life stories about some of the passengers who survived… and others who perished.

Inside of Build the RMS Titanic magazine, showing the assembly instructions

Your model is constructed from a combination of several materials, each one precision-engineered to ensure a perfect fit that results in as true a reproduction as possible. Each part is clearly labeled, while colour-coded 3D illustrations guide you through every step of the build.

2 pages from inside of Build the RMS Titanic magazine on the building of the ship

Titanic Chronicles takes a look at the history of the White Star Line’s opulent flagship, covering the story of its inception and the subsequent building of what was the world's most luxurious ocean liner.

2 pages from Build the RMS Titanic magazine showing an article about survivor Molly Brown

This section tells the heart-warming and heartbreaking stories behind some of the passengers on the Titanic, from actors, politicians, and socialites, to emigrants simply seeking a better life in the United States.

2 pages from inside of Build the RMS Titanic magazine showcasing other White Star Line ships

RMS Titanic was regarded as the 'Queen of the Ocean', and this feature highlights other vessels that – historically and around the time of the Titanic – were viewed as the best in their class.