ST Picard Star Trek Universe

Star Trek Universe
This new collection replaces our Star Trek: Discovery run – bringing together all of the new Star Trek live-action series, including Picard, Discovery and the highly-anticipated Strange New Worlds.

The collection launches in April 2021 with the iconic La Sirena, followed by more ships from Picard, before diving back into Discovery Season 3. Be the first to receive our pre-order offer of up to 70% off the first ship - before it is made available to the general public - by signing up today.

Live long and prosper!

When can I order Star Trek Universe?

We will open a comms channel in March to announce an exclusive online offer. Order now to be included in this offer, as it will only be available for a limited time period.

When will it be available?

Our teams at the shipyard have been working hard; orders will start shipping at the beginning of April 2021.

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I am already a Star Trek Discovery subscriber; do I need to resubscribe?

The Discovery collection has run its course for now, so you will need to subscribe to Star Trek Universe. But don’t worry new Discovery ships will be included in this brand new 'ships of the line' collection, alongside ships from Picard, Strange New Worlds, and more.

What will I receive in my first subscription box?

Transported to you will be your first model ship, the iconic 'La Sirena' from the hit series Picard, along with an in-depth full coloured magazine.

PLUS if you take-up the “PRE-ORDER” offer in March, you will receive a Star Trek Universe branded mug and exclusive set of pin badges over the course of the collection.

What will I receive each month?

You will receive a ship and magazine each month.

Over the course of the collection, you will receive exclusive free gifts. PLUS if you take-up the PRE-ORDER offer in March, you will receive a Star Trek Universe branded mug and exclusive set of pin badges.

How many ships are planned for the whole collection?

There are 30 ships planned for this line-up, including ships from the hit shows Picard and Discovery Season 3, along with the new show, Strange New Worlds. The collection can potentially be automatically extended to include any new ships related to future new shows and seasons.

I missed the ST Discovery collection; how can I buy it?

There will be Special Offers announced for the Star Trek Discovery collection over the series of this collection.